Monday, November 26, 2007

The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes


Well, in my case, it’s the knitter’s children that had no mittens. With all the gift knitting and crocheting around my house lately, I had neglected to notice that the weather was FINALLY turning cold enough to warrant the covering of bare patches of skin.

In fact, I’d been so pre-occupied that I had to be notified of this weather development by my oldest son, M. When M tried to use the backyard swing on Saturday, the chains were too cold for his hands. I found him fruitlessly rummaging around in our sweater/hat/scarf bin trying on several pairs of mittens and gloves. Finding them either too small, too big, or not meant to be worn on your hands (e.g., "Honey, that’s a hat."), he asked me if I could make him some. Duh.

After watching my parent-of-the-year nomination burst into flames before my eyes, I immediately drug M upstairs to go stash diving for mitten-worthy yarn. After both he and his brother had selected yarn for their mittens, I set to work. In 24 hours, they were done. Note: Each pair only took about 1 hour to make, but my progress was frequently interrupted by our dirty laundry pile which, having turned into Mount Killamybacka, required some serious attention on my part. But I digress.

Here's the other pair (there was some collusion on the design) :

Nothing fancy, but they are perfectly functional and will likely slip into the sock/mitten black hole within a matter of days requiring replacements. I used a very simple pattern that is available for free on the Lion Brand website here. (Unfortunately, unless you’ve registered at their website, the link might not work for you.)

Well, the laundry awaits.

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Tivey said...

They are so cute!!! Do parents still secure mittens inside winter coats via a long strand of yarn that runs from one sleeve to the other?