Thursday, December 13, 2007

Excuses . . . excuses . . .

OK. I will now admit that blogging on a regular basis is difficult. And, at least in my case, it is not due to a lack of substantive blogging material. Chaos is my co-pilot. Just look at my knitting chair (aka "Fiber Arts Studio") :

click to embiggen

No, I have plenty to talk about, and I am getting a lot faster with the camera. The problem is . . . brace yourself for this . . . lack of TIME. I know, I know. Everyone but ME has adequate time in their life to accomplish all necessary and extra-curricular tasks. It's really not fair.

If I were full of character, I would not attempt to offer any excuses for the infrequency of my blogging. But I suffered a significant loss of character during childbirth and I like to make lists. Consequently, here are the top five reasons I have not bombarded you with daily blogging brilliance:

1) I have crabs. When you stop laughing, look at this picture:

Is he not the cutest purple pincher land hermit crab you've ever seen? Apparently, hermit crabs are a little shy of the camera flash, and everytime I snapped a photo he would retract into his shell and fall off his coconut hut. So, to avoid further injury to my crab, you'll just have to trust me that "Lump" is really in there. I've got three more just like him, and they live in this:

Here's "Elton" all snuggled in his moss-lined hammock:

There will be more crab pictures in the future and they will be yarn-related. (I'll let you chew on that one for a while. **wink** )

2) I have three fancy goldfish. Here's Ramone (formerly Mona before I realized she was a he):

And here are Otis and Pearl (black one):

3) I have a dog whom you've seen before, but here is Mr. Snuggle Beagle again making further use of his own crocheted afghan:

4) I have a cat. In lieu of a picture of the actual cat whom you've also seen previously, here is the "slightly used" crocheted cat nip mouse that I made for her:

Note: I highly recommend that you photograph finished objects BEFORE giving them to the cat for testing and assessment.

5) I have a couple of these:

Nuff said.

Each of the items on the above list require routine maintenance and occasional snuggling, except for the crabs. Snuggling freaks them out, but they do like to be misted with a spray bottle.

I think these are pretty darn good (and cute) excuses for lack of yarn blogging. But I will try to reform (or not). I assure you that there has been MUCH yarn play at my house, but the blogging of it must be delayed so as not to spoil holiday gift surprises. Stay tuned.

Perhaps I'll flash my stash at you soon. I've picked up some GORGEOUS yarns lately, and they are ready for their close-up. Here's a sneak peek:


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alyesq said...

You temptress you, giving that yarn pic last to leave people with yarn lust... naughty, naughty!