Friday, January 4, 2008

Okay, back to the yarn.

My absence from this blog through the holidays is directly related to yarn. All my spare time was used to finish up all the gift knitting and crocheting. No excuses. Just sayin.

Here are a few of the gifted FO's that have been officially declassified:

The I'll Packa Hat for my dad. ( It's made of alpaca) I crack myself up.

For the ribbing, I used a bit of black alpaca (Blue Sky) which was a souvenir skein from a girls' weekend with my spa peeps in DC. The red alpaca (for which I lost the ball band - oops) was a souvenir skein from a trip to Asheville with my sister.

Next up, the Purple People Heater afghan for my mom.

Made of soft Homespun from Lion Brand in colors that just HAD to belong to my mom.

The Easter Parade Chevron Scarf for my sister.

The blocking shot.

It matched her sweater perfectly the day that I gave it to her.

Clearly, the fates approve. Made with Lorna's Laces shepherd sock in Purple Iris and Happy Valley colorways. But, I must say, making long, repetitive things with sock yarn? Not sure I will be doing that again. Dang.

So as not to give you FOverload, we'll wrap up with the Arkansas Lap Blanket I made for my husband's grandfather who was recently confined to a wheelchair.

Made from stash scraps of this and that bulky weight. I was going for something large enough to cover his legs, but small enough not to get caught up in the wheels. There have been no reports of accidents or wheelchair malfunctions to date, so I hope we're good.

Well, I still have lots more to post regarding FOs, WIPs, 2008 yarn resolutions/plots, and yummy additions to stash. Don't touch that dial!

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