Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Speaking of favorite colors . . .

Yesterday I revealed that my favorite color, generally speaking, is green. This morning at the breakfast table, my youngest son made a similar revelation. He’s four and LOVES coloring with markers. But he comes home from daycare most days with marker ink in his eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows.

Yesterday he actually came home with clean eyebrows. But this morning, I noticed that he was displaying a lovely shade of blue (probably from his coloring session right before bedtime).

So I asked him:

“Honey, why do you have blue marker in your eyebrows this morning?”

He responded:

“Because blue is my favorite color.”

Well, okay.

So in honor of his favorite, let’s take a little peek-a-loo at some of the blue yarns in my stash.

First up, here’s a recently started crocheted chevron scarf in the drop-dead gorgeous Malabrigo lace yarn. The colorway is “Oceanos”.

I can’t pull my eyes away from this yarn. It’s mesmerizing. And so soft. If you’ve never tried this stuff, you must.

Now, oddly enough, I have almost no completely blue yarns in my stash. Probably because I love lots of different colors in my yarns. But here are a few of my mostly blue yarns.

This is Yarn Pirate merino/tencel in the “Icicle” colorway. It was a club colorway. I’m thinking of making the Montego Bay Scarf out of this.

Next is another skein of Wollmeise in the “Vincent” colorway. I wish the blue were a little deeper in this skein, but it is still gorgeous. Not sure what it will be when it grows up. We shall see.

Finally, here’s another skein of Yarn Priate BFL in the “Solstice” colorway. I love this yarn. I started a pair of socks for my mom with this, but I don’t like how it’s working up. It may become a cowl. It has a lovely feel to it.

Well, hope I didn’t make you too “blue” today. Okay. That was admittedly lame. I need a latte.

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amos said...

I think the blue eyebrows were actually in honor of the Tarheels and March Madness. Go Psycho T. Your fav cyber stalker.