Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not pouting . . . really.

Okay, so as mentioned previously, my dear hubby got a new lathe. And he was using it to make me things. And he was planning to make me MORE things. Specifically, some lovely shawl pins out of exotic woods that he had purchased for that purpose.

But last night, he used that lovely wood to make these for the boys:

Yes, those are handmade wands. And they each contain a four-leaf clover in their cores to make them magic.

And I’m not jealous . . . much. It was really worth giving up the shawl pins for shawls I have yet to knit to watch the boys wielding various spells at each other. But I did have to scold the youngest one for casting a cruciatus curse on his brother. (That’s an unforgivable one, and I am their mother.)

So, while the lovely wood was hijacked by my boys, at least they will stop using my knitting needles for wands.

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