Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where did I go?

This photo has absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the subject of this post.

I’m in the middle of stealth gift knitting for the moment. Hence the lack of yarn blogging. But I thought today I would pop in and say a few words about . . . well . . . hmmmm. I guess I really don’t have much to talk about in the yarn world. I could discuss why I have too much yarn and not enough time to play with it. But that dead horse might come alive and kick me if I beat it again.

Oh, I know! I could talk about the UFOs (Unfinished Objects) that are gathering cobwebs in my knitting baskets. Perhaps we could all do a little psychoanalysis on why I cannot seem to pick them up. That could be fun. Here’s one:

It’s my first sweater project. I have been working on this for WAY too long. It’s for the hubster. I think he’s given up hope that I will ever finish it. It’s about 85% done. I only lack a little more of the back panel and then the neck and sleeve ribbing.

Theory as to why not done: I think the color BORES ME TO TEARS. I just love color. Lots of color all smooshed and swirled together. I mean look at my sock yarn stash:

There is a veritable feast of color in there. Plain old taupe works like an anesthetic on me.
But this lack of color does not explain why I cannot finish the mate of this sock:

There’s plenty of gorgeous color in there. I love the yarn. I KNOW how to make a sock. I just can’t seem to pick the stupid thing up. Dang.

Finally, we have this lovely little softie:

It’s a crocheted chevron scarf out of Malabrigo lace weight. My lack of progress on this project is quite clear: A big ol’ effin KNOT in the yarn. I wound the skein into a lovely little cake. But as I pulled a little on the working yarn, out popped the worst knot of my knitting career from the center of the cake. (Note: This knot is a result of my winding and not the fault of the yarn maker.) I have tried desperately to untangle this knot. But the way that this yarn is spun makes it felt together the more you handle it. All of my efforts have only made the knot worse. I hate to cut the knot out because it might interrupt the lovely color distribution that’s going on and introduce the pooling virus into the fabric. Dang again.

Okay, that’s all on the UFOs. I hope this post wasn’t too much of a yawner. It was quite liberating for me. I feel a lot less guilty.


dusty brook said...

Well technically, given both the average summer temperature around here and our rigid rules of fashion regarding when to wear what, your husband does not need that vest until October. So it's just flat-out INAPPROPRIATE to do any work on it right now. Although I note that picture is dated last August.......

Frisky said...

You are SOOOOOO right. But remind me to REMOVE that stupid time stamp from
my camera